Connecting You to Your World

At Audibel, we know we are not just fitting you with a hearing instrument. We are connecting you to your world. Audibel provides premium customer care across the country. It’s our way of delivering peace of mind to every person who seeks our help – by letting them know that Audibel is dedicated to setting the industry standard of what patient care really means, and that they can expect American Hearing Excellence no matter which Audibel office they visit anywhere in the country.

Our Patients say it best. Read some of the beautiful testimonials we’ve received here.

Hearing News Blog

The Costs of Better Hearing

One of the most common questions we receive from new patients is, “How much do your hearing aids cost?” Many are surprised to learn that the price can range from several thousand dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on how sophisticated the hearing technology is. Read full post

Introducing the Made for iPhone Hearing Aid

Want to stream calls, media and music DIRECTLY into your hearing aids? Now you can! Audibel has partnered with iPhone to create the A3i Made for iPhone Hearing Aid. Read full post

Customized to Your Ear, Personalized For Your Lifestyle

Today’s unique custom hearing aids continue to get smaller in size as the inner components get more powerful. The small, sophisticated hearing aids offer a high performance solution for hearing in challenging environments. Read full post

More Important Information

A Promise So Strong It’s Platinum

Platinum Promise Chicagoand Audibel Hearing Aid Centers
No matter where you purchase your Audibel hearing aids in the country you are fully covered at any location nations-wide- that’s our promise. In fact, that is what we refer to as our Platinum Promise. As you will see detailed below, every Audibel hearing health location abides by the same measures of patient care and service.
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What to Expect at the First Hearing Evaluation

A hearing evaluation is a no-obligation and simple procedure that can offer many long-term health and lifestyle benefits. Yet, many people experience a little anxiety when visiting an unfamiliar business or undergoing an unfamiliar procedure. Knowing a bit more about the hearing evaluation process will alleviate some concerns. Below is a summary of what to expect at your first hearing evaluation.
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Giving Back…

Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Centers is a proud member of the Starkey Hearing Foundation So the World May Here initiative. As a  “Hearing Angle,” for every hearing aid Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Centers sells, we finance the purchase and fitting of a hearing aid for someone in need. Recipients live both here and abroad. So far, the hearing initiative has fitted 1,000,000 hearing aids to people in need globally! And we are just beginning. Learn more about our mission, visit So the World May Hear.