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What to Expect at the First Hearing Evaluation

A hearing evaluation is a no-obligation and simple procedure that can offer many long-term health and lifestyle benefits. Yet, many people experience a little anxiety when visiting an unfamiliar business or undergoing an unfamiliar procedure. Knowing a bit more about the hearing evaluation process will alleviate some concerns. Below is a summary of what to expect at your first hearing evaluation.

When first entering the hearing clinic, you will be warmly greeted by the front desk assistant and checked in for your appointment. The hearing specialist will then begin the appointment by asking a series of lifestyle questions to gain insight into what the your listening needs might be.  Next, a free audiometric test will be performed to measure any hearing loss and to what degree it may exist. You’ll wear a set of headphones for the test and indicate whether you hear a variety of sounds at different frequencies and levels of loudness.

Your hearing test results will be examined by the specialists to determine the significance of the loss and what logical steps to treat it they may recommend. If their recommendation involves hearing aids, various product models based on your lifestyle needs will be given. Amplification options will be discussed and if the patient wants a custom-made hearing aid, an ear mold will be taken. Most hearing evaluations and consultations take about 30-60 minutes. To get started Contact Us today we will get you scheduled for your free hearing exam.

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