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Starkey Hearing Foundation Featured on ABC!

Starkey Hearing Foundation on ABCChicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Centers is a proud member of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. As a Hearing Angel, Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Centers donates to the Starkey Hearing Foundation one hearing aid for every hearing aid we sell. Last night ABC featured the Foundation’s latest work. Watch it here.

If you would like to help out the Starkey Hearing Foundation, or learn more about their amazing work, visit them online.

Audibel is in Bloomingdale, IL! Get Your Hearing and Vision Checked in One Visit…

Do you know about our full hearing and eye healthcare center in Bloomingdale, IL? Since 2009, Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Centers has partnered with Wohl Eye Center – a leader in their health field – to bring area patients hearing and vision care in one location with providers you can trust.

Studies have show that there is a direct correlation between vision and hearing loss in adults in older persons.   This sensory decline can have a cumulative effect on well-being, quality of life and connection to family and friends. Call today to book your hearing and vision examinations!


Grand Opening! Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aids, Niles, IL

Audibel_AHE_CMYK_web-logoWe are pleased to announce the grand opening of our newest location: Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Center, Niles, IL! We are proud to be serve the needs of the Lake and Cook County communities and provide the best technology and products available on the market today. Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to ensuring that every patient leaves our office with the best solution for their lifestyle. We are committed to helping our community with better hearing.

We welcome you to stop in our office to have your hearing tested or test how your current hearing aids are performing. We will make adjustments in our office if needed at no charge and will continue to service all makes and models of hearing aids.

Come into meet us and see firsthand how we can make a difference in your hearing. As a thank you for stopping by, we are offering a pack of FREE Audibel premium batteries to current hearing aid users and an upgrade opportunity that can’t be missed – 40% OFF Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aids with premium digital technology! We will also be performing free hearing examinations. Call us at (847) 296-3344 to schedule an appointment today!

Visit Why Audibel? and Our Platinum Promise to learn more about the Chicagoland Audible Hearing Aid Center experience. 

Your trusted hearing professionals at,
Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Center, Niles, IL


A Sound Solution for Savvy Hunters

By now the call of the wild has beckoned hunters everywhere as hunting season has kicked off.  When avid hunters rush out to the fields before sunrise, many tend to forget a very important piece of equipment – hearing protection. Whether using a shotgun, rifle or other firearm, the repeated exposure to gun shot sounds can be very damaging to ears.  Hearing protection has been a challenge in the past since hunter’s need to fully hear the sounds of the animals they’re tracking.  Usually when an animal is spotted there isn’t time to put in hearing protection before shooting.

To overcome this challenge, we are excited to offer an ideal solution called SoundGear.  These miniature devices, as pictured above, function as sound amplifiers, to better hearing rustling game, and hearing protection to block out damaging sounds of firing gunshots. The process to block gunfire noise is quite impressive. The devices compress  booming sounds before it reaches your eardrum.

SoundGear offers a great solution for hearing protection and sound amplification, and are easy and comfortable to wear all day.  The orange sleeves covering the devices give a comfortable and snug fit for all ears.  If you are interested in SoundGear for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, simply call us today!

Listen Carefully to Listen Longer

This October marks another celebration of National Protect Your Hearing Month in the U.S. and as a part of this campaign we want to take a moment to share some great awareness statistics and efforts.  The biggest part of this initiative is to build awareness for the effects of potential noise damage from audio players and other devices so everyone reduces their likelihood of hearing loss.  In fact, research shows that 1 in 5 teens in the U.S., today, report some degree of hearing loss due to noise exposure in their daily life.  By actively choosing to reduce the volume of music players and to wear hearing protection in overly noisy environments, this number can be reduced in the future.

The same principle applies for adults today.  In our fast-paced lives it seems as if the world continually gets noisier.  By choosing to protect hearing at arena events or when taking public transportation one can help reduce the likelihood of needing a hearing aid in the future.  Recently the Starkey Hearing Foundation has launched an awareness and education effort for protecting your hearing called Listen Carefuly.  For anyone that wants to learn more about the potential hazards to hearing health and how to protect it simply visit http://www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org/programs/listen-carefully/.  Also, to receive hearing protection or have your hearing tested please Contact Us today.

Don’t Listen Up, Listen Carefully

For the ‘iPod’ generation, potential hearing loss complications are becoming a legitimate concern.  In fact, recently the New York City Mayor announced a new health campaign for area residents as one focused on building awareness and action for headphone wearers to turn down the volume.  While some have reacted skeptically, this couldn’t be more important of a message.  Today’s music players are not only projecting the sound closer to the ear drum with ear bud headphones, but people are also spending more time listening to music at high volumes.  Both which can have an impact on the development of hearing loss.

This cautionary message does not just apply to the younger generations.  Frequent mp3 player usage at high noise levels is also taking place with the baby-boomer generation as well.  In order to prevent the damaging effects on one’s hearing from overexposure to loud music listening more and more people need to be made aware.  By building awareness, just as Mayor Bloomberg has decided to do, it can reach millions of people in time to get them to turn down the volume and listen carefully.  We at Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Centers strongly support this cause to not listen up but listen carefully.  If you or a loved one would like more information on preventing or treating hearing loss please Contact Us today.



Customized to Your Ear, Personalized For Your Lifestyle

Did you know shaping custom hearing aid shells to wearer’s ears has been taking place for decades?  In fact, one of the major advancements in hearing aid manufacturing was the custom shell development process! By using ear mold impressions of the patient’s ear canals, custom hearing aid shells are made to fit comfortably and discreetly in ears resulting in SMALLER and less visible hearing aids.

Today’s unique custom hearing aids continue to get smaller in size as the inner components get more powerful.  This is innovative since devices that increase the output power usually increase the size, but that is not the case with Audibel’s new A2 Custom hearing aids. The small, sophisticated hearing aids offer a high performance solution for hearing in challenging environments.

In addition to customizing each hearing aid to the shape of the wearer’s ear, we also personalize the program settings to fit their lifestyle needs. We make sure to perform a lifestyle assessment and program the hearing aid accordingly with each new hearing aid fit.  If the hearing aids aren’t working quite right in certain situations, we can also make adjustment to ensure optimal listening enjoyment.  Hearing is our concern and with the custom line of hearing aids, we can ensure each patient gets the right size and correct programming they need.  To get started, call today or submit your information on the Contact Us page and we will respond within one business day.

Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Centers


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