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5 Halloween Safety Tips For Children With Hearing Loss

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Halloween marks the most exciting night of the year for many children. Decked out in

their new princess or superhero costumes, kids fill the streets in a hurried effort to

amass buckets full of treats. Unfortunately, Halloween can also be a dangerous holiday

for children. This is especially true to children who have hearing loss.

The following 5 tips will help children with hearing loss enjoy a fun and safe Halloween


1. Check Hearing Aids

Check hearing aids before you leave to ensure they are functioning properly. Take extra

batteries in case you need to change them during your time out.

2. Make Sure Costumes Fit Properly

Avoid costumes that include masks, hats, scarves or other accessories that could

dislodge hearing aids, cover the hearing aid microphones or obstruct your child’s vision.

Costumes and accessories should fit well to maintain optimal hearing and avoid blocked

vision, trips and falls.

3. Stay Close

Children under the age of 13 should be accompanied by an adult. Keep an eye out for

potential dangers that may be overlooked with the added excitement of trick or treating.

Children with hearing loss may not be able to hear if a car is idling, and may

unknowingly walk in front of cars assuming they are parked with the engine off. Always

use sidewalks and crosswalks and encourage children to walk rather than run between


4. Walk in a Group

Children that can safely trick or treat without adult supervision should stay with a group

of at least three other children. Establish a plan and outline the route the children will

take before they leave. Make sure each child in the group is familiar with the route.

Agree on an arranged meeting place to check in with them and make sure you know

when to expect to have them home.

5. Wear Reflective Clothing and Bright Colors

Give the children flashlights and apply reflective tape to costumes and treat bags to help

pedestrians and drivers see your children. Wearing brightly colored costumes will make

keep children visible.

Following these simple tips will help kids and parents enjoy a memorable and most

importantly, a safe Halloween night!