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Did you know that your hearing is as unique as you?

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Did you know that your hearing is as unique as you are? No two people have the same ability to hear and understand speech. Your hearing is as unique as your DNA. Noise exposure in the workplace, inherited medical conditions, loud hobbies and entertainment, and childhood and adult illnesses can all produce different types of hearing loss in different people. Every single thing that plays a role in your life, plays a role in your hearing as well!

Below are a few different types of hearing loss;


Conductive hearing loss refers to hearing loss caused by conditions of the outer and middle ear. For example, the outer ear canal may be blocked with earwax permitting only loud sounds through. The middle ear involves the region from the eardrum to the inner ear, which includes the three small bones that move in synchrony and are vital to hearing. The restricted movement of these bones, caused by infection or disease, may diminish hearing. Many conductive losses are treatable by medication or surgery.

Sensorineural (Nerve):

Sensorineural hearing loss includes both hearing loss related to the cochlea (sensory) and to the auditory nerve (neural). Hearing aids and assistive listening devices are the most common form of treatment for sensory hearing loss. Some common causes of sensory hearing loss are: noise exposure, aging, heredity, head trauma, viruses, ototoxic medications, illness or disease.


Mixed hearing loss is when there is some degree of both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.

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