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How to Buy the Right Hearing Aid

Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid Centers Hearing AidsWhen a hearing aid is recommended, the hearing healthcare professional tries to offer the best option for that particular patient’s unique listening needs. As part of that decision, consider a few important factors such as lifestyle hearing needs, technology features and cost. In this blog we discuss each factor to help anyone who is considering purchasing a new hearing aid.

The first consideration is how hearing needs interact with a lifestyle. For people who are active in the community or workforce, managing background noise is an important feature to consider. New hearing aid technology offers many levels of this sophisticated feature to help speech clarity in noisy settings. This allows for more comfortable listening experiences in social venues such as loud restaurants, meeting rooms or gatherings.

Also consider the overall sophistication of the technology. Not only does hearing aid technology help manage background noise, but it also helps with compatibility with media devices and with telephone conversations. For example, the new Audibel A3i™ hearing aids are Made for iPhone® devices which allow the user to wirelessly sync hearing aids to an iPhone® to stream music, television and phone calls.

Lastly consider cost. This is a significant concern for many people, but we advise not letting it be the primary decision-maker. There are many cheap, quality hearing aid solutions for anyone who needs hearing assistance. In particular, we offer no-interest financing plans to help manage the cost of new hearing aid technology.

We recommend always taking advantage of free hearing consultations to determine the degree of hearing loss and then discussing the most beneficial hearing aid technology options with a professional. To get started, simply call during business hours or submit your information on the Contact Us page.  We look forward to helping you find the right hearing aid technology.