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Don’t Let Earwax Spook You!

Chicagoland Audibel_hearing-aid-wax-guards-blogThis Halloween we are going to discuss a topic that is very scary for many patients; earwax! Earwax isn’t just spooky because of its unsightly appearance, but it can also terrify in-the-ear hearing aid wearers for fear of repairs due to buildup. However there is reason to rejoice for Audibel hearing aid patients! The new wax guard protectors have alleviated most occurrences of earwax buildup that may cause damage to hearing aids.

Everyone’s ears produce earwax to different degrees. For some individuals, their earwax production is much higher than others, causing greater chances of damage to in-the-ear styles of hearing aids. Wax guards use plastic tubing that is placed within the hearing aid receiver. This catches any wax that would normally find its way into the hearing aid components when the devices are inserted and removed from the ear canal. These wax guards are simple to insert into the hearing aids and even easier to remove with a simple tool. While the cost for wax guard protection packs is minimal, the savings can be huge by avoiding potential costly out-of-warranty repairs.

Though earwax is nothing to be afraid of, it is important to protect your hearing aids from unnecessary repairs due to earwax on the components. If you are presently wearing hearing aids or considering a purchase and have concerns or questions about earwax protection, simply submit your inquiry on our Contact Us page or call our office during business hours. We’re always happy to answer your questions!