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Bluffing through Untreated Hearing Loss?

Chicagoland Audibel Hearing Aid CentersHave you ever noticed someone turning his or her ear when listening to a conversation?? Or have you seen someone request to sit in a specific seat in a restaurant so his or her ‘good ear’ is away from background noise? Or perhaps you’ve noticed someone listening to your conversation but they don’t really seem to understand or follow the dialogue? They are finding ways to bluff or ‘cope’ through situations that are difficult for people with untreated hearing loss, and often it is a subconscious behavior.

The coping stage, one of four stages in untreated hearing loss, is usually a common last effort at engaging in social situations while still avoiding proper treatment. No matter what the trick to try hearing better, coping mechanisms never provide a lasting solution as well as hearing aid technology. This type of behavior can also extend into workplace environments where individuals with untreated hearing loss may avoid large meetings and phone calls. This could potentially have a significant impact on careers and income. In fact, a study by the Better Hearing Institute found that the financial impact of untreated hearing loss in the workplace could result in nearly $10,000 in lost annual income; that’s up to $100,00 over the average seven to 10 years it takes most individuals to seek treatment!

If you or a loved one exhibit any coping behaviors to accommodate hearing loss, seek proper hearing health care. Often patients wait several years too long to treat their hearing loss and have negatively altered their lifestyle as a result. We want to make sure no one misses a priceless moment of his or her lives moving forward. To get started, simply submit your information on our Contact Us page or call our office to request a complimentary hearing consultation appointment.